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"The Leading Man Fusion of Michael B. Jordan and  Sterling K. Brown with the Body to Match... Heart, Inner Strength, and Ambition!"

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Adrian Akeem Sterling is an American actor of Trinidad and Chinese descent. He hails from the county of Kings, Brooklyn, New York and lost his accent in the small city of East Stroudsburg, PA. At 7 years old he knew he was an entertainer, by the age of 13 he found out how he would: Football.

 Despite his smaller stature, he earned all-star honors, D-1 scholarships, and eventually a couple of chances to play in the NFL. On the cusp of a dream realized, something was missing. Adrian wanted to use his natural gifts to tell stories that will move people all across the world. So he started and continues to train with some of the best of the best in the business. He is a Meisner trained actor with on-camera training from (Bob Krakower, Ted Sluberski, and Craig Archibald). He refines his improvisation skills at The Prestigious, PIT. 


 The Leading Man fusion of Michael B. Jordan and Sterling K. Brown with the body to match, he brings a unique brand of heart, inner-strength, and ambition to each character he plays. When Adrian isn't acting he's either training with weights, in boxing gloves, track cleats, basketball, Kung Fu or Taekwondo. In addition to his athletic training, he also loves writing screenplays, working with children, and seeing new movies! Mr. Adrian Sterling is here, ready to entertain, Let's Make it Happen!

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