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Height: 5"8'
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Local Hire: New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles 


Acting Training  -  Marci Phillips  -   One on One

On-Camera Acting - Bob Krakower - One on One

Audition Technique - Ted Sluberski - Ted Sluberski Studios

Acting Coach - Craig Archibald - The Archibald Studios

Comedy Improv - Meredith Grundei  - The PIT Theater

Voice and Movement - Deena Levy - Deena Levy

Meisner Training - James Price - The Acting Studio

Audition and Cold Read -  Judy Henderson - Actors Connection

Summer Acting Conservatory - Various Teachers - T. Schreiber

Online Training- Natalie Portman - Masterclass

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Lead / Writer - Make It Happen - Dir. Aaron Sterling 

Lead: Meet Me At The Clock -   Dir. Lucie Crisa
Lead: Black Friday -  Pro. RobinTroja 

Lead: Finders K33pers -  Dir. Kingy Wong 

Lead: RTD - Dir. Kwesi Driskell 

Lead: Me, Them, Us - Dir. Devon E.Betton 

Supporting: Throwaway Boy - Dir. Michael A. Pinckey
Co-Star: Bull - CBS Network


Athleticism: NFL and D1 football experience, Excellent Public Speaking, Leadership skills, All-State Track Sprinter. Combat: Tae kwon do Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt. Wu Shu Kung-Fu trained. Culinary: Strong Cooking Skills. Passport. Drivers License. Accents: Nigerian. Stunts Experience: falls, jumps, fights. Weapon Experience: 9m, Glock and Katana sword

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